Top 10 black ebony pornstars – 2024

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I will list here my favorite top 10 black pornstars who made it to this list.

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There are porn lovers who are fans of ebony bodies.

I’m making this list for them and others who wish to take a look at these sexy black ebony pornstars.

Big boobs and curvy shapes are some of the most common features of the black female race.

These and many more things will really make this list interesting.

This promises to be a bit lengthy.

Now, get close to the couch, sit down, and cross your legs while I take you there.

Please note, this list is ordered in no particular order of preference or superiority.

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Top 10 ebony pornstars of 2024

1. Halle Hayes

Halle Hayes

Halle Hayes is one of the ebony pornstars with the hottest shape.

She has a round ass, a chocolate-inked body, fake breasts, and a bushy pussy.

She likes keeping a bushy pussy.

In fact, she will make it to our list of pornstars with hairy pussy.

Halle is a pornstar you need to watch performing a porn scene.

If you don’t have access to her porn videos, you can follow her on Twitter to have access to some of the short clips she posts on Twitter.

Halle was born in San Jose, California on Feb. 9, 1998

She spends most of her time shooting porn videos but in her leisure, she engages on Yoga.


That’s responsible for the hot/sexy body.

2. Sarah Banks

Sarah Banks

Sarah is another ebony pornstar that made it to our list.

You are definitely gonna be a Sarah Banks’ fan if you love jerking off to ebony porn stars.

She graduated with an associate degree when she turned 18.

She joined the porn industry because she was not just ready for any 9 to 5 job but rather wanted something more exciting.

Maybe this is because she was raised where they usually shot porn movies and has had affairs with many pornstars.

Since 2016, she has been active in the adult industry and is now recognized as one of the popular ebony pornstars.

Sarah is always ready to plug it in any fuck hole.

You can connect with her to watch some of the porn videos Sarah Banks has featured in.

3. Sommer Isabella

Sommer Isabella

Comparing Sommer Isabella to other ebony pornstars who made it to this list, Sommer is skinny.

Her love for fucking is just so unimaginable.

Regardless of the fact that she is new to the porn industry, she is already making waves in the industry.

She has been featured by some of the largest porn studios to shoot one of the best ebony porn videos you have today.

Sommer has acted in most black porn videos and interracial movies.

Acting porn videos is not the only thing she is passionate about.

Cooking, painting, and yoga are also part of her passion.

If you are not familiar with the name, Sommer Isabella in the porn industry, then you can connect with her to get to find out more about her.

4. Brittney White

Brittney White

Regardless of the fact that she has “white” in her name, her race is black.

With her round tits and butt, she knows that her stunning body is her asset.

This is also one of the reasons she is one of the hottest ebony pornstars in the industry today.

Comparing her skinny body to her boobs, it looks more like the boobs belong to someone chubby than she is.

Some fans have thought of Brittney undergoing breast surgery, but it is a natural breast.

She engages in yoga sessions and intense gym.

She also enjoys having a good time and fucking while at work.

5. Moriah Mills

Moriah Mills

One of the most noticeable things about Moriah Mills is her big round boobs and ass.

Because of this natural gift, she has become one of the favorites of ebony pornstar fans.

She started as a model on Instagram and gained huge followers from that platform because of her curvy shape.

She decided to try her pussy by shooting porn and she is a huge love of big cocks.

6. Cecilia Lion

Cecilia Lion

Cecilia Lion brings something new to the porn industry.

She has that bubbly personality that you do not usually see in a pornstar.

You can always see her with a smile on her face no matter what Cecilia is doing, which includes when she is being fucked by a large fat dick.

Sporting an afro and a cute bubble butt, Cecilia has become the favorite ebony pornstar of a lot of porn enthusiasts all over the world.

This self-identified hippie is as easygoing as she looks.

She loves sex in real life too and she’s willing to suck a stranger’s cock whenever she feels like having some fun.

7. Jasmine Webb

Jasmine Webb

Jasmine Webb is a tall and curvaceous ebony pornstar who is ready to fulfill all of your black sex goddess fantasies.

She has a very fit body with a flat stomach and a juicy ass that is amazing to watch as it bounces up and down while she is being fucked.

Jasmine is known by fans for making sensuous and fierce faces while she gets her sex holes destroyed.

Another thing that fans love about Jasmine is the way how she squirts with such intensity whenever she cums.

It is a real delight to watch one of Jasmine’s porn videos.

You will love her more when you see her get fucked by some massive dick.

8. Mya Mays

Mya Mays

If you are looking for an ebony pornstar with a really smoking body, then Mya Mays should be at the top of your list.

She’s a tall stunner with medium tits and an ass that has been honed by spending years playing sports.

Because Mya is an athlete, she has the stamina and the flexibility to do all kinds of sexual positions that other performers would find challenging.

When Mya is not giving a blowjob or getting her pussy drilled by some fat shaft in front of cameras, she spends time playing golf.

Mya also loves connecting with her fans on social media.

9. Osa Lovely

Osa Lovely

If you like watching exotic-looking bitches getting fucked, then you will fall in love with Osa Lovely.

She is one of the sexiest chocolate pornstars right now, and there are a lot of reasons why.

First, this Texas-born beauty has all the curves in the right places.

Then there is the fact that she really loves performing for her fans in front of the camera.

Osa started working in the porn industry back in 2008, and she got noticed right away.

Then, Osa stepped away from the limelight in 2010 to try some new things. But a slut will always be a horny slut and now she’s back as hot as ever.

10. Anya Ivy

Anya Ivy

Anya Ivy might look skinny to you but I must say, she is gifted.

She has massive tits and a good pussy shape with than slim nature.

Another feature that attracts ebony fans to her is her smooth skin.

You will always want to cum on this skin.

Before joining the XXX industry, she used to work as a hooter girl and later tried stripping.

That way, she was spotted by an agent and was offered the opportunity to shoot porn.

She loves to get fucked hard in her spare time when she is away from porn scenes.

Do you think there are other porn actresses that should make it to this list?

Be kind enough to use the comment to let the world know them.

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