Katee Owens (American Pornstar)

Katee Owens

This a bio page of Katee Owens.

It promises to tell you more about, this American pornographich actress and share some information you probably did not know about her.

One phenomenal thing about Katee is her big tits.

There are big tits… and then there’s Katee Owen.

How many internet glamor models are known for a bouncy sweater gif or a video of themselves riding a bike?

Well, when your knockers are as huge as Katee’s, you can make a name for yourself doing pretty much anything.

Owen’s surprisingly perky puppies measure a whopping DDD. At 5’3” and 130lbs., we’d like to know how much of that weight is just straight boob meat.

In fact, her tits almost defy nature when you see that they sit on top of her small frame, flat stomach, and petite ass.

Maybe it’s genetic, or maybe it’s exercise and diet. “My favorite things in my life are my bike and my avocados,” she once tweeted.

Whatever the recipe, we love the results.

Katee is a fun chick, too, who clearly doesn’t take herself too seriously.

In most of her videos, you’ll find her smiling or playing air guitar and just generally goofing around.

We love when super hot babes come with a side of playfulness!

If there’s anything wrong with Katee, it’s that she probably won’t be doing any hardcore work in the near future.

She’s content to dance around, shake her tits, and give us all a terrible case of blue balls.

Even still, with just her sweater gif on repeat, we can come up with our own remedy.

Katee Owens other details

Birthplace: United States of America (USA)

Height: 5 ft 3 in (160 cm)

Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)


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