What is pantyhose encasement

You will learn about a pantyhose encasement right here in this post.

So if you do not know what it is, do not worry as you will get to find that out as you read through.

It’s actually two different phases.

First, encasing the entire body in pantyhose, by wearing a pair over your bust like a sweater, your arms into the legs of the pantyhose, your head is pulled through the gusset which you cut out beforehand.

Additionally, some people wear an extra leg or stocking completely over their head.

Some people have been able to attach another leg to the gusset area for the head to be slid into.

If you dare to try this, ensure the pantyhose you wear over your torso is a size larger or more, as the pantyhose panty portion will have to stretch over your body, then top and bottom pantyhose waistbands meet at the waist.

If the top pair is too small, the waistbands may not meet.

Secondly, another form or encasement is also called ‘cocooning’.

Cocooning involves encasing the entire body in one or more (x-large size) pairs of pantyhose.

This entails putting both of your legs in one leg of the large pantyhose, the other pantyhose leg to cover you upper half of your body You can use both forms of encasement together, as some people find that wearing pantyhose on the body makes it easier to slide into a large pair for cocooning.

In the cocooning state, your entire body is cocooned, whereas even your arms are restrained inside the pantyhose ‘shell’ There are ways to prevent the wearer from escaping a cocooned state with the help of someone else, by tying loose ends in a knot or knotting the leftover ‘hole’ closed from the waistband.

A lot of it involves your own imagination, how you would like it a little different, perhaps.

Though many people don’t expect to have sex while being encased, it is possible by cutting a proper hole around the genitals.

But once a hole is cut, you risk ruining the pantyhose by extreme runs/laddering.

I save most of my used pantyhose just for encasing fun.

A run in one leg will not show when it covers your arm.

Another form of encasement (a 3rd) is Bodyhose.

Bodyhose is a sheer nylon ‘tube’ that expands to fit up to two people in it, whereas the two would actually be ‘forced’ together, body-on-body.

You can find body hose on eBay, you may have to type ‘cocoon’ in the search.

There are up to four different colors of Bodyhose available.

Once you’re inside a Bodyhose tube, another person can knot the open end to prevent your escape.

Some people use the first form of encasement along with Bodyhose, as it helps you to ‘slither’ inside.

If you are a true pantyhose connoisseur, you would also love encasement.

If you haven’t already looked, search for encasement videos on YouTube.

They will help you to see what encasement looks like and the many variations of it.


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