How do pornstars not get pregnant? Here is how

How do pornstars not get pregnant

It might still be a mystery how pornstars not get pregnant despite having that number of unprotected sex.

We’ll break it down here for you to understand.

Do pornstars use IUD that is preventing them from getting pregnant?

You might get worried about why pornstars do not get pregnant regardless of how much sex they’ve had.

This post will explain in detail what pornstars do to prevent not getting pregnant while working in the adult industry.

Pornstars do get pregnant.

Though on rare occasions.

In fact, there was a time an American pornstar Stoya was impregnated a couple of times by James Deen and had these all aborted.

Why pornstars don’t get pregnant

A lot of the pornstars you see out there are on birth control.

You also have to remember that most of this is fake.

They may say they aren’t on birth control, but the smart ones are.

Otherwise, they end up with a child or have to abort the pregnancy.

Though, given the rates of drug abuse and alcohol abuse among female porn stars, not counting prostitution and criminal charges, one would imagine that a lot goes on that shouldn’t.

The birth control methods used as roughly 99%.

So, in perhaps 1% of the instances, there is an unwanted pregnancy.

I’m sure someone has gotten pregnant from porn.

Probably newbies who screw up.

There may even be a few out there who do porn to get pregnant as their ads suggest.

But, from what I picked up, it’s mostly fake.

Cut and edited.

What male pornstars do not to impregnate the female pornstars

I’ve never for once.

This is just because you searched for it and so I had to make the information available to you.

Many male pornstars had vasectomies and some female ones have had their tubes tied.

On top of that, the overwhelming majority of porn actors are pro-choice and would’ve had an abortion if anything happened.

The filming of porn itself is very safe compared to actual sex.

Usually, when a male pornstar pulls out to do the cumshot, there’s an edit.

There are maybe 5 minutes between the pull-out and the actual shot.

It’s not like real sex where people sometimes mistime it.

How I got to know about this

Although I’m not a porn star (damn my career choices!)

I used to have a membership to a couple of niche websites that were specific to creampie scenes (internal cum shots) and most of the videos started with a small interview of the female actress in which they would ask them directly what form of birth control they used.

Quite a few of them said “the pill” (perhaps the majority), while others used IUD’s, and a few said “none”, surprisingly.

I guess those girls decided to just take their chances?

I remember one girl said she used the rhythm method, although I thought that was rather odd.

Perhaps she only made herself available to do creampie scenes while she was between ovulation cycles, I don’t know.

Creampie videos have become more popular recently, but even when the male talent is not supposed to cum inside the girl, they can still release sperm through pre-cum during intercourse, and I’ve seen more than a few scenes where you can clearly tell that he was pulling out as he was ejaculating and some of it definitely got inside the vagina.

(Which I think is pretty hot, actually.)

I would love to see an actual porn performer comment on this post and give us some more concrete facts.

Effect of using birth control by pornstars

Personally, I don’t encourage the pill; my mom is a doctor who has treated long-term reproductive problems related to the long-term use of the pill.

I think diaphragms or IUDs (non-hormonal) are good choices, the first you can try and see if you like it; the other it’s hard to tell until it’s been in a while.

Personally, I’m a pull-out champ.

If you ‘rub out the easy one’ before sex, it lasts longer and is harder to accidentally finish inside.

Another benefit is, second sperm is less potent.

I estimate it at 1/8th the likelihood of pregnancy as simply trying to pull out without that precaution.

In LA, they’re enforcing condoms in any professional shoot; which is why yet another lucrative industry is leaving CA.

You already have to test for everything, why put raincoats and sneakers on the fella?

Side note, women used to put a sea sponge inside them if shooting on their period to hide the blood.

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