How to create Whatsapp group link

I have been sharing a good number of Whatsapp group links on this blog but what if you want to learn how to create Whatsapp group link for your existing group?

That is why I’m sharing you this post to guide you on how to get or create Whatsapp group link for any Whatsapp group than you admin or manage.

Creating your Whatsapp group links is pretty easy, with just a few touch on your smartphone screen, you would have created your Whatsapp group links.

However, there are some things to note about Whatsapp group links.

As well as you can create the Whatsapp group link, you can also revoke the group link at any point in time.

As promised, the steps are pretty easy to follow.

So let’s get into the main thing.

How to create Whatsapp group link

Open the Whatsapp Group
Tap on the chat group name, e.g “Whatsapp group links”
Tap on Invite via link

Here are things to note about your Whatsapp group link

You can share your Whatsapp group links to maybe contact on your Whatsapp chats or your Facebook friends.

You can also copy the link to your device clipboard and use it wherever you want to.

Now that you’ve created your Whatsapp group link, go ahead and grow your group membership by getting new members use the invite link to join the group.

You can also get your Whatsapp group links featured here on this blog to get more members within the shortest possible time.

Feel free to talk to us about your intent to grow your Whatsapp group using our platform.

If you have any other question or contribution, do not hesitate to let us know about it.


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