Sissy husband – Best and worst experiences

If you have a sissy husband/boyfriend, how is your home life?

Also, what are your best and worst experiences?

You can also share your experience in the comment section.

This post promises to share with you some sissy husband experiences shared from an online pole.

Well, I have a sissy husband, and a full sissy in that I mean feminized submissive.

Our home life is almost perfect, we are real girlfriends and her name is Susan her choice, as soon as Susan comes home from work she changes immediately into her female attire she is a woman from then on in the home, we are like two girls, not lesbians but girls living together, in the dressing I help her to choose her clothes I have everything laid out in her own bedroom for her she has a beautiful bedroom it’s a beautiful feminine design and feminine touches nice fluffy cushions in pink she loves pink most girls associate pink, and she has a fine selection of lingerie and some lovely skirts and nice dresses she has some wigs and all the attire to change from a male into her real self a female.

Our few very close friends know and are comfortable coming to visit the house and they are just happy to blend in with Susan and she doesn’t mind and sometimes she just gets on with what she’s doing while we have a chat and coffee sometimes she will join in like a girl talk girly stuff that was one embarrassing moment when she was fully dressed and I was talking at the front door to somebody and she passed behind, and have the person I was talking to at the door saying I know you got visitors is that your sister and I said no no I said just a friend come to stay for a few days it was just a little bit embarrassing for Susan more so than for me and that I assured her that there’s no problem which there wasn’t

We enjoy each other’s company and I love her some nights while we’re watching TV I will paint her nails and her toenails whatever color she chooses why we’re watching the TV she would lie back and put her feet up on my lap and I will paint her nails for her and compliment her on how feminine she looks and that she’s my best girlfriend and such a good girl.

Occasionally I will when in the mood go to her bedroom at night to tuck her in and kiss her goodnight and if I feel that she’s a little bit horny and I can guess that by what she’s wearing in bed and I will then put my hand down and I will make sure that she is comfortable and I would help her to have a climax I will just help her by kissing her and telling her what a good girl she is …. no time she would have a lovely cum and that’s it, and it’s sometimes we both enjoy as for me well I have Cuckolded her and I have the occasional lover but nothing permanent I am not getting involved with other men but when I feel like I need to be f***** I will and she knows and I would hide nothing from her. So very occasionally I’ll have a friend to stay overnight to hear my visitor make me orgasm loudly which I know she enjoys because she wants me to be happy, I know it excites her she fully supports me and my love affairs not really affairs as I don’t let them go on that long it’s just to get some pleasure from now and then… so basically we enjoy life.


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