Girl’s puss: What will happen if you lick a girl’s vagina

What can actually happen if you lick a girl’s puss?

You will get to find that out right on this page.

So you know what to expect if you lick a girl’s vagina.

There are basically 2 things that come to mind when you think of licking a girl’s puss.

  • What will happen to the person licking the pussy
  • How the person that her pussy is being licked will feel

Whichever is the one that best describes your situation, you are on the right page to get the information.

Things that can happen when you lick a pussy

One hilarious thing that happens when you lick a girl’s puss is that it can cause deafness if she closes her legs too quickly.

The feeling of licking the clitoris tickle some girls and immediately you put your head in between her thighs she might close her legs immediately.

But trust me, she’s gonna love it!

A mere touch on the clitoris makes a girl horny.

And if you lick or kiss her clits, she’s gonna go mad.

It’s one of the most sensitive parts for women.

It takes a lot of pain, when you treat it well, it will give you a lot of pleasure.

The girl you are going to lick if she is a virgin then if you lick her she will be in heaven.

Mostly all the girls like to get licked.

It’s one of the best things about oral sex.

So, give her the best pleasure.

Another thing that happens if you lick a girl’s vagina is that she gets wet and horny.

Your tongue tastes new fluids you’ve never tasted.

Your nose smells a new smell you’ve never smelled.

If you lick her clitoris, she gets tremendous pulses making her “wet”.

In fact, a female friend of mine shared her personal experience with licking pussy that it leads to her cumming all over his face.

Shortly after that, she’s begging to have his hard cock inside her, aching to be mounted and fucked.

Consequences of licking a vagina during sex

Firstly, you do not lick a vagina.

Well, not much anyway.

The vagina is internal, you might be able to lick the very edges of a vagina, but unless you are Gene Simmons, you will not be able to do much with it.

Some women enjoy being licked and sucked during sex.

Some are meh about it.

And others do not like it at all.

I have found that if you are paying attention to her and her reactions, you can generally make it quite a pleasant experience.

Everywhere from turning her on to mind-blowing orgasms.

My personal favorite is to perform oral sex for a while to get her really going, then slide up and in for some stroking.

Varying the depth and energy used during intercourse, then slide back down and continue the oral stimulation.

Repeat as needed.

It is a lot of fun and quite enjoyable.

I highly recommend you give it a try

Possible diseases to contract from licking a pussy

A couple of things may happen, depending on the pussy.

Licking a purring pussy can give you good vibes, at first, but symbiotic relationships are not always immune from unpleasant outcomes.

Licking an unhealthy human pussy may transmit diseases such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes, HPV, HIV, and Trichomoniasis.

That’s why it’s always a good habit to test against Sexually Transmitted Diseases regularly and to engage in cunnilingus only.

The general reaction of women to puss licking

The normal reaction of almost all women is that they tend to enjoy it.

Some women like it more than others, but then some people probably do it better than others.

Some women go really wild about it and start thrashing and moaning and flailing their legs about or clamping them together.

Some women just lie there and make more and more intense sounds of pleasure.

Many women either cum or get so aroused that they have to have something more put in.

Other women might squirt while still others insist on returning the favor.

In almost every case you end up with a very happy woman and usually if he (or she) does it right a future request to do it again.

My personal position about girl’s puss licking

If I lick a woman’s vulva/ labia it means we are naked in bed together and I have my mouth on her sexual pleasure center and I am in heaven!

There is no better place for me to be.

The taste, the scent, her moaning and vocalisations, the lovely muskiness.

After a good tasting and her orgasms, she may take me in her mouth and most certainly I will mount her.

And come inside her a few times.

Done right she will love you forever and associate you with deep abiding overwhelming delight.

Real men love pussy!

I certainly do and spend many hours between the loins of women.

Naturally, you have to train women in certain essential hygiene so neither she nor you have the slightest reticence to such close intimate mouth to genital loving.

Licking a woman’s labia ( and clitoris) is effectively licking her brain’s pleasure center.

I have eaten many pussies and loved and delighted in the taste and scent of all my women and the pleasure I envelop them in.

Young girls when they were my age and older women as I went.

They were oft cougar, but I have always appreciated the sexual energy of older girls and women since the age of 15.

I find women 5 — 10 years older best but in my early adult years, I enjoyed women much older.

From 13 years to .. uh .. 20 or so.

But those really were my very best years, even if I did scandalize their girlfriends and social network.

I was caught out with them in flagrante delicto oh .. so very often mid-thrust, gloriously naked in bed together during daylight hours.

Some of my female lecturers and tutors were most embarrassed to be found compromised with a student but ultimately it did me no harm.

And very fond memories.

I still have good relations with all the women I have had sexual relationships or sexual relations with.

With the occasional opportunistic reliving of past fond encounters.

No regrets!

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