Chubby girlfriend – Here is why people want them

Why do you think people don’t want chubby girlfriend?

Most likely doesn’t exercise and take care of herself, most likely responds with a tantrum when somebody tells her health is at risk out of genuine concern, probably covers 70% of the bed so she would be partner won’t have a peaceful sleep.

She also most likely lacks self-confidence and has to take pictures for social media so people can respond to her fluffing her up and calling her body “beautiful”.

She most likely can’t walk a mile without being at severe risk of a heart attack. Since she can’t take care of herself, she can’t take care of the house either.

Very very unattractive considering the fact she can change it up but won’t because it’s too much hard work for people like her.

I’m not sorry, facts don’t care about feelings and most normal people won’t want her because they are normal.

At one point in society, almost everyone had to be mentally and physically fit… look. I was a chubby kid myself but managed to take the initiative and fix myself up.

Being fat is kind of fine as long as you can get things done and your health isn’t at risk and as long as you’re not going around telling other people being obese, chubby as fuck is healthy and normal we’re cool.

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