How to ask your girlfriend if you can cum in her mouth

If you want to cum in her mouth, then you might want to learn exactly how to say it.

Here is where you will learn how to say “I want to cum in your mouth” the right way.

You ask her.

You ask her when you’re talking about sexy things, and you say something along the lines of, “You give the best, sexiest blow jobs.

I’d love it if I could finish in your mouth, that would feel so good and be so hot.”

Then you listen to what she has to say. She might be into it, she might not. She might propose a trade for you fulfilling a fantasy of hers.

Regardless, you talk about it and listen and abide by what she has to say.

In most cases, you don’t.

You just do it.

Or as your climaxing and tell her in your sexy voice.

You express to her you’re about to shoot your hot fucking load down her throat.

That will give her the option to put it elsewhere.

Like on her face or rub it all over her Home Nuevo – BAC.

Most girlfriends will swallow your hot fucking load.

The next time you want to cum in her mouth, you might want to make reference to this post before you proceed so you don’t cum yourself into trouble.

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