321sexchat – Here are what people are saying

This post promises to share with you what people are saying about 321sexchat.

321Chat is a free online chat site for chatters of all ages, races, religions, and sexual orientations.

To date, there are 13 official chat rooms which are all free and require no registration to enter as a guest.

The website and chat rooms are mobile-friendly and regularly updated with new features, articles, and designs.

What was once just a place to chat, has become a destination and authority on all things chat-related. 321Chat now offers articles and unbiased reviews of chat-related products, software, and websites.

321Chat.Com was created and is maintained by the Administrator, a web developer with more than 20 years of experience in creating, designing, and maintaining websites.

The administrator operates the 321chat.com website under the handle “Admin” and is responsible for the design, search engine optimization, marketing, and advertisement of the website.

Because of his extensive work history with chat sites, he has authored much of the creative content and reviews on this site.

321Chat Rules

Although these rules cover most general situations, they cannot cover everything, therefore 321 Chat Moderators have permission to take any action that’s necessary to ensure 321Chats are not disrupted.


  • Do not (constantly) type in all caps. (It looks like you are yelling everything you say)
  • If you private message someone and they do not reply, do not keep messaging them.
  • If someone is annoying you, please ignore them rather than message a moderator.

Rules For All Rooms

  • Breaking any rule may result in being banned from the chat. (No warning is required).
  • If people are breaking the rules and a moderator logs on and bans them, saying other people were doing the same thing is no excuse.
  • DO NOT ARGUE WITH OR QUESTION – moderators when they tell you to stop spamming, change your name, or modify your behavior.
  • There are too many chatters to debate whether your name or your post was against the rules.
  • Doing this will probably result in the conversation coming to a quick end with you being banned.
  • Posting your e-mail address, instant messaging ID, or cam requests in the lobby may get you banned.
  • You might get kicked out or messaged as a warning OR you may simply be banned on the spot.
  • Also, people who keep re-posting the same message may not be warned.
  • (These repeated posts count as spam and are not allowed.)
  • Our chats are English language sites (except Spanish and Asian chats). This helps our moderators keep the site safe.
  • Posting links to .exe or .zip files will get you banned since most of these are viruses.
  • Do not post personal information – yours or anyone else’s. Posting private phone numbers will get you banned right away. (We have and will continue to work with the police to identify people posting phone numbers that are not theirs in chat.)
  • User Names: No Inappropriate or Offensive Nicknames.
  • Spamming, flooding, trolling, roasting, or racism will not be tolerated.
  • Do not clone or try to impersonate another user or claim to be 321Chat staff. You will be banned.
  • You may not share your VIP account login information with other users.

321sexchat reviews

As of the time of updating this post, 321sexchat was down.

I could not confirm why it was down but this increased the intensity of people inquiring to know more about 321sexchat.

Not too many good things are said about 321sexchat.

Some are complaining about the behavior of the moderators and others are complaining about the general environment.

People complain that the mode bans users for what they are not supposed to be banned for.

You can some of the reviews online before deciding whether or not to roll with them.

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