How to join any Whatsapp group

This post promises to guide you on how to join any Whatsapp group of your choice.

I published a lot of content about joining Whatsapp groups in this blog.

And that of today is not an exception.

There are basically 2 ways to join any Whatsapp group.

Here are the 2 ways to join any Whatsapp group

  1. The admin of the group must have your Whatsapp number in his contacts, and only if the admin wants then only you can be added to his group, moreover he only has the right to add you to his group.
  2. If you get the invite link of the group sent only by the admin, then by simply clicking on it you can join his WhatsApp group.

Those are the basic ways of joining any Whatsapp group.

I doubt that there are other alternative ways to join a Whatsapp group.

Feel free to share anyone that you feel has been left out.

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