Wife shared — Benefits of wife sharing

As a shared wife, I can say that there are a lot of benefits.

More intimate communication for one.

And sex is what connects a couple.

The sex doesn’t have to only be between the two people in the couple, though.

But shared fantasies and sexual satisfaction does.

Wife sharing is all about making everyone involved happy.

I enjoy being wanted by other men.

And my husband loves seeing me have sex with other men.

And, of course, the other men enjoy being able to have me.

That’s what it’s all about.

Who the other man or men are isn’t really important, as long as everyone is getting what they want.

As a wife, I have a loving husband.

As a shared wife, I get to live in two worlds.

In one world I am the loving wife of a very loving man.

In the other world, I am the woman that other men want and enjoy.

But, both worlds are one and the same for me.

I get to love and be loved, by whomever I am with at the time.

When my husband wants me to have sex with other men, it tells me that he loves me enough to be open with me and to allow me to please him in such a way.

Loving other men, sexually, is how I can show my husband how much I love him.

And it allows me to enjoy the attention of other men.

Although my husband is adequate, sexually, I do like the excitement of being with someone new.

Sex with my husband is always better after I have had sex with other men.

And after having sex with men who are better endowed, my husband feels as big as they were because my vagina is swollen, and I can feel my husband more.

Sex with other men makes having sex with my husband even better.

I would say that is a benefit.

This is a short list and there are so many benefits to being shared that there isn’t enough room to state them all.

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