Join 200+ gay Whatsapp group links

In this post, you will find a lot of gay porn Whatsapp groups which you can choose any of them and join.

One of the qualifications to be a member of any of these gay Whatsapp groups is that you must be gay.

If you are not, you may not be allowed in the group.

This is because every member of the group that you’ll meet is gay and the group is about gay activities.

So if you are really in need of a gay WhatsApp group to join then you are in the right place where you will have a lot of links available to choose which group you want to join.

Also, if you admin a gay Whatsapp group you will like it listed in this list, you can let us know about it.

Another point to note: 18+ people are only allowed in these groups.

If you are not up to 18, then you might want to check for other Whatsapp groups that will be appropriate for your age.

Gay WhatsApp group rules

  • Only gays are allowed
  • lady and men both gays are allowed
  • No abuse (Racial or whatever)
  • No chitchat
  • Respect everyone
  • No fighting
  • No sharing of personal videos or photos.
  • Don’t change the group makeover.
  • Only 18+
  • Be a gentleman
  • Be happy and make others happy

Gay Whatsapp group links list


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  • You must get used to the rules before you request to join
  • After joining the groups
  • I am not responsible for any kind of problem
  • If you have issues with any of the links please let us know about it
  • Please share this site and bookmark it
  • This site updates often with new links
  • For any kind of WhatsApp issue just inform us via email or comment, and we will solve you

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