Dick pic: Do girls like it when guys send them dick pics

You need to read this before sending dick pics to girls.

If you are a guy and want to know if girls like it when guys send them dick pics, you will know it here.

A lot of thoughts have been gathered about the dick pic.

That’s why in this post, I will share with you some of the comments from random ladies about dick pics.

A lot of girls like dick pic while others say they already see a lot of dicks in real life so no need to see dick pics.

Stephenie said she likes to see dick pics, especially the clean shaved ones.

She melts every time she sees them.

Sitting back to imagine that they are going deep inside of her.

“Damn what a rush I get from that,” she said.

Carla also said that she likes to see dick pics that despite what a lot think not all cocks look or taste the same.

Another says she loves dick pictures, and she has a different folder for good-looking guys with quality Dicks in her phone.

She loves to look at them when she is bored or just feeling horny.

I have received many a dick pic in my dating life and I can tell you some absolutes:

  • Penises are not attractive to women, regardless of what length or girth they are. While we can appreciate that you are proud of your manhood, we don’t want to see it typically until we ask for it.
  • Penises are attractive to gay men, as they are often quite critical of their aesthetics of them. As such, I tell men if they send me unsolicited dick pics, I will forward them to my gay friends because they will actually appreciate them more than I will. My gay friends troll for dick pics on their hooks-up sites and they have an uncanny ability (almost like x-ray vision) to be able to even size up penises through clothing too. It’s quite impressive actually.

As with anything, there are exceptions. Some people are “size queens” and will ask for or appreciate a dick pic because they want to know if it is worth their time to continue on in the process. Some people want to vet out penises because they are picky as to cut vs. uncut.

When women are intimate with men, we often engage in “sexting” as fun exchanges with our partners because it can be a good way to keep the relationship exciting. Even so, it is not because we think your penises are so amazing that we need to see a picture of it, we just know that you men are visual creatures and get turned on by pictures when not in our physical presence.

Some women just ask for them, quite honestly to see if you will actually send one. This is also not necessarily because they actually want to see it.

My advice is to never send one unless specifically asked for one (and then do not include your face, to be safe).


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