Andylynn Payne — Shemale Pornstar model

In one of the recent posts here, I shared the official Andylynn Payne Twitter.

Today, I want to share more about this Shemale Pornstar model.

You can still look up the Twitter handle to get even more closer.

Andylynn Payne was born on May 22 1997.

If you seek to know her age, you can use that to check out her current age irrespective of the date you saw this post.

But Andylynn Payne was 24 years as at the time of updating this post.

Born in the city of Los Angeles in the United States.

Her eye and her hair share the same color, Brown.

She is of mixed-race if you wish to know her ethnicity.

She has a medium size breasts and a big penis.

Talking about her height?

She is 177 cm (5’9″)

What more do you want to know about Andylynn Payne?

If you leave it in the comment, we’ll be sure to update this post with what you want.

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