20 Plus Hot Japanese Pornstars of 2024

In one of my recent posts, I shared with you some of the hottest Asian pornstars of all time.

This list of Japanese pornstars names will also feature some of the pornstars that feature in the previous post.

Here, you will have a list of some of the hottest and all in all, best Japanese pornstars as of 2024.

As you might know, Japan loves to censor the shit out of porn.

Tentacle porn with an eel inside an asshole?

It happens when you try to jizz without seeing a non-pixelated cunt.

We did Asian pornstars list already if you are into other types of Asians too.

Rumor has it that Japanese pornstars are already born with the pixels inside their pussies.

Airi Ai

Although Airi Ai doesn’t appear outside Japanese performers strictly in the Japanese adult movie industry, it’s not a problem.

Hypnotizing large breasts and hairy pussy, that’s what we expect from any pornstar.

But, I wonder, how different that’s from real life?

More importantly, what do women inside Japan do to live up to these expectations?

Imagine yourself with an average dick when everyone around you has a massive one.

In this top 20, we will combine American and non-American models, which means that we get to satisfy every single one of you.

Those who prefer pixels, real deals, and people who appreciate Japanese porn without censorship.

I am more of the second type of guy.

The Mystery was never my thing, except for clothing.

Fucking, on the other hand, is where I want to see it all.

Akira Lane

The toughest chick from Japan that could make you her bitch or a sex slave.

Before you join the virgin’s waiting list, toughen up as she requires manhandling.

I would prefer the latter option, but Akira Lane has no competition in the female world.

What is even happening in the scene?

Well, it’s hard to imagine cliché East Asian porn without wrestling or ninjas.

There are far too many stereotypes and they still seem funny to us.

Italian guys bring pizzas while Europeans fix cars.


An interesting Japanese pornstar with one of the most generic names ever.

It’s hard to top Fuko, she is like the Kawaii version of John (except a female).

Cute inside in and out.

The breasts are truly ridiculous; from what we have seen, everything looks better and healthier in Japan.

From fake tits to that white cum, it’s whiter than the brightest LED lights,

These Sushi rolls, extra soy sauce, and seaweed do wonders for the human body.

Much better than all burgers and a fat American diet.

Fuko goes well with any dish, but some countries love to eat cooked dick or balls, and for us… Yeah, that’s the best thing that mixes well with this beauty.

19 Tsubasa Amami

If Tsubasa had to create a CV of porn scenes, this one would be it. Showing off her best qualities and that juicy pussy full of pixels from Final Fantasy III. Wearing a bob-style haircut, a black and white top with horizontal stripes, and the weirdest color lingerie.

Have you ever seen sea-green panties before? Hard to tell what her pussy looks like, but I’ll assume it’s as tight as any other Japanese pornstar. Her high horse is the joy that Tsubasa brings to the porn shoot. There is not a single second in the video where this girl is not smiling. That’s a talent.

18 Wakana Kinoshita

How weird is this scene? You have a foursome with three Japanese pornstars that have their pussy covered. Editing this kind of porn should give the producer nightmare sweats. Too much movement, tracking, and other shit that can go wrong, and for that?

To compensate for the blank spots, Wakana is doing everything she can to excite her viewers. Moaning in the sexiest way possible, moving like a professional whore, making her breasts bounce, and just following the book of Kamasutra.

17 Akiho Yoshizawa

Watching real Japanese porn is like watching an awfully old video game, you see pixels doing other pixels and then some hair. Guess the reason why a lot of professional Japanese pornstars are hairy is because of the censorship. Public hair can be visible, which is the closest thing to pussy.

I have enjoyed my share of Akiho Yoshizawa scenes, this performer is great at sucking cock (even in this video, her lips are all wet), and the screams are your typical Asian porn. But, someone, please import her to the US and get rid of the 70s graphics.

16 Yayoi Yanagida

We can’t have the hottest Japanese pornstars table without a proper schoolgirl scene; it’s just a part of their culture. So, for your sheer pleasure, we have Yayoi Yanagida and three friends doing for the lesbian-only scene.

From the distance, all these pornstars look youthful, right? However, they are almost 40-year old, which is fucking insane. When you pick special angles, all of them are equal in terms of looks, but our mention is on the right. Sexy short skirts, anime, or a school setting. Welcome to Japan.

15 Ayumi Shinoda

You leave Shinoda alone just for a second and she’s already naked, milking your friend’s banana on all fours. The magic wand-obsessed Japanese men have been “cave diving” inside Ayumi’s butthole since the late 2010s when male scientists were yet to discover the ig-spot. Maybe they’re looking at the wrong place? She’s the only relevant tourist attraction in Kanagawa with only one kink, being a sex slave. The rest is up to you and the scenarios in which you can involve yourself are vast.

Too many videos are a great problem, but how come Ayumi Shinoda’s pussy hasn’t turned into a giant blurry square?

14 Julia Boin

I prefer sexy butts over pussy or tits, and breasts are my least favorite sexual part of a female body. Thighs, flat stomach, back, I’ll take anything but the former. Why is this happening? It is not up to me and I can’t do anything to change my desires. However, Julia Boin has changed something inside my brain as her tits are the only thing I can’t get enough of.

The most perfect tits of any pornstar, Japanese or not. They must have grown from the Tofu or something, and I am joking here, you, sensitive masturbators. A minute of silence for the fallen and a boner for Julia Boin.

13 Miss Reina T

If you are a fan of beautiful tits that are just perfect in terms of size and would fit your hand as if they were created just for you, then Miss Reina is certainly one of the Japanese pornstars you need to check out. Otherwise, why even bother with life?

Not only can you find uncensored porn of her too, but she is really hot. Like to the point where you consider her a good wife material. Drop on your knees and repeat after me, “will you marry me”?

12 Sora Aoi

Here is something closer to Japan; by that, I mean the weirder part of the porn. Like, I am unsure what the fuck is going on in this scene and why she has cum on her house walls that seems to be making her high? However, do note that she is one of the more desirable Japanese pornstars that has fans from all over the world.

Also, shockingly, she does rock black hair, just like all the Asian population.

11 Maria Ozawa

Okay, so if you have ever searched for Japanese porn, then I am certain that this name will sound familiar to you and yes, Maria Ozawa does true, uncensored porn, unless you count her unshaved pussy as a form of censoring.

All in all, a natural-looking pussy without trimmed lips, beautiful bouncy tits, a tight vagina from what I can see, and just a solid fuck and a talented pornstar. Also, you have already jerked off to her.

10 Ameri Ichinose

Another hot sugar babe from Japan that, I am certain, knows how to make any male happy. Either via bedroom games or a tasty-looking sushi that is as different from the supermarket trash as potatoes are to cars. Although a potato car is higher in probability than chances of me and her ever hooking up.

While her tits are not the largest out there, her hair (and I am not talking pussy here) seems on a higher end of the spectrum. So, if you are into mermaid-looking pornstars, this is your girl.

9 Anri Okita

Please, let’s enter the massive Asian tits category that is as big as my dick right now. Admittedly it’s rather small and on pair with most Chinese or Japanese men (not that I know) but I just love this video. Watch it long enough and you will enter the Zen state.

With nothing but happiness, beautiful thoughts, and calmness inside you, minus the raging hard penis, maybe. But still, a good hypnotizing GIF.

8 Hitomi Tanaka

If massive tits are not good enough for you, how about expanding them to the point where they are about to explode? That is where Hitomi Tanaka comes into the picture and I am more than happy to include her in our hottest Japanese pornstars compilation.

Okay, I’m not sure if I am horny or more concerned about her back health and the massive discomfort she must feel. Whatever floats your boat, but we bet it’s boobies.

7 Utsunomiya Shion

What’s up with Japanese girls and their big tits? Is this a result of censorship? Where you are left with nothing but pixels, so all you can do at this point is expand on the parts that directors can show in a porn movie?

Our staff members think that could be me but imagine standing next to this MILF, in the bank, school, or whatever. The guy watching her seems calmer than I would be, but good God, what a fucking beautiful pair of tits.

6 Rae Lil Black

Submissive by nature, majestic in nurture, Rae has more Japanese roots than the original wasabi. Whatever size your cock is, fucking her feels like squeezing a wooden toothpick into a lock. Okay, let’s push this analogy even further. It’s easier to jam a baseball bat into your dickhole than sticking tiny wiener into Rae’s pussy. So call her your little 5’ 1” moist hole and you might as well be Mechagodzilla.

There are also two versions of Rae Lil Black, before and after enhancements. Receiving implants is a sign of doing God’s work, she is now committed to the craft. Sure, the old fans will always complain about any changes, as it is a tradition, but the views keep growing.

5 Aino Kishi

Yes, let’s show her asshole but if you plan to do any of the pussy pics, we will fucking kill you. In all seriousness though, oil mixes well with porn, sex, and juicy vaginas. Aino Kishi knows how to make any man horny, be it from Japan, Korea, Australia, or outer space. Let me tell you, I would love to ass fuck this bitch, and hopefully, by the time I finish, she would also serve herself a nice bowl of rice filled with my dick juice.

4 Azumi Mizushima

Not entirely sure about what is going on in this scene. It seems to be some edgy random video because of all the nonsense licking. Oh, wait. In the meantime, can we have a petition at this point to stop fucking censoring their cunts? I can’t understand shit and have no idea WTF is happening there…

From what I can tell, he could be fucking her pussy hair. But anyway, going back to Azumi, a hot pornstar, sort of on a petite side but also very, very flexible, which is sexy.

3 Momoka Nishina

Oh man, this is the second world wonder of beautiful tits and Momoka Nishina is such a beautiful pornstar anyway. Imagine revealing these in real life for the first time, I would probably explode into the million pieces of happiness and joy and never recover.

She does look nice, calm and all in all, a genuine and happy person, would love to cuddle fuck the shit out of her and then maybe put some breast milk into my coffee.

2 Mao Hamasaki

Well, welcome to Japan, I have no fucking clue what the fuck is going on there or just anything, you have a crazy whore that is ready to chop your dick off unless you will do as she asks, then some face-punching with her tits, cum or fake semen, I have no idea what the fuck that is, enjoying men juice, riding the pixelated cock, of course, creampies, this scene just keeps on giving.

It’s like you have opened the black hole of Japanese porn and this is the final boss.

1 Marica Hase

We fucking love sexy pornstars and Marica is certainly a one-hot MILF!

Thanks to the guys at HardX and her recent migration to the United States, we can see Japanese anal porn without blurs.

Not just that, but the image of pixels or any nonsense is gone.

I mean, who gives a shit about the hot bodies or great fucking sessions when all you can see are the 8-bit graphics from the 70s, the only missing piece is Tetris music.

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