AFF login — Real working login for Adult friend Finder or AFF

This is my experience with Adult FriendFinder or AFF on how to get a working member login and watch out for scams.

By avoiding scammy third-party sites and other scams, you can get a legit login to the site free of charge.

Read on the following topics in my answer below;

  1. About Adult Friend Finder
  2. How to avoid AFF scams
  3. How to get a working AFF login for free
  4. Other AFF tips & tricks

Stay safe and have fun.

About Adult Friend Finder

The AFF is one of the most known swinger sites in the world, which has evolved from a simple hook-up portal to a more complex set of social services for adults. They were founded in 1996 and have won awards like ‘Best Adult Dating Site’ at About com and ‘Dating Program of the Year’ at XBIX Awards.

They also own a bunch of other niche dating sites, however, AdultFriendFinder remains the most popular one.

Reason being not only its popularity and massive user base of both men and women but also because it is considered by many as the only hookup site that works.

The site does have a learning curve and requires users to also think with their brain and not just their d**k. But rest assured, AFF would soon be out of business if their users weren’t having any luck on the site.

How to avoid AFF scams

I’ll first discuss a few of the common scams to avoid if looking for free member logins, passwords, etc. to AFF.

And I’m not talking about the so-called scams on Adult FriendFinder. Problems are easily avoided by

  • (1) not chatting with the ‘models’ and too young chicks which are obviously escorts
  • (2) being honest and that includes your profile
  • (3) being realistic.

It continues to surprise me how many people are still chasing after young girls thinking it’s something that Adult Friend Finder is supposed to provide for free. It is not. This is the real world we live in, and it’s a lot easier to hook up with mature women/cougars, couple playmates, etc. So looking for something real, or perhaps even lowering your expectations a little can actually get you something even better, a real hook up! Or if you’re female, then it’s again a whole other league.

You can practice by saying “let’s do this” to yourself in the mirror a couple of times per day, and you’ll be fine.

The scam I wanted to mention, is the free gold member accounts and other sites out there with too good to be true offers. They’re all scams in my previous experience. Having been to quite a few of these suspicious-looking sites, I have concluded that it’s safer to be on the official website.

I’ve been taken by these scammy sites to fill out fake surveys for example. Which are collecting contact details and loads of other information about you, so that they can send highly targeted offers to your mailbox. And in the end, they get you to buy stuff instead of providing you with anything that’s free. It’s really the opposite with these sites, cashing in on Adult FriendFinder’s popularity.

Other sites just waste your time with promotional links, ads, etc. taking you to all the hook-up sites that you didn’t intend on going to.

With this method, you stay on the official website and use the available offers that they have. So it not only works but most importantly it’s perfectly legit as this will not get you into trouble or waste your time in my opinion.

How to get a working AFF login for free

Here’s how you can obtain a free login to Adult Friend Finder. Just follow the steps below to create your account.

First, open the free membership form.

Choose who you are;

  • Man
  • Woman
  • Group
  • TS/TV/TG
  • Couple (man and woman)
  • Couple (2 women)
  • Couple (2 men)

Choose what you are interested in;

  • Men
  • Women
  • Groups
  • TS/TV/TG
  • Couples (man and woman)
  • Couples (2 women)
  • Couples (2 men)

Enter your personal information;

  • Birthday
  • Country
  • State
  • Closest City

Enter your free login credentials;

  • E-mail address
  • Username
  • Password

Finally, you are ready to sign up.

Click on the red “click here and have fun” button.

Then follow the rest of the instructions to complete the signup process and you’re login is ready to use within minutes.

Other AFF tips & tricks

Here are a few takeaways I consider worth sharing;

  • It takes work and patience to seal the deal, not every contact is going to work out but if you do your due diligence, you can have success.
  • This is not a dating site and rules are different there. Single guys will have to work harder than couples and females.
  • Filling out your profile properly, and going gold is going to show others that you are serious, and you’ll need that to succeed.
  • Scammers exist on AdultFriendFinder just as they exist on every single dating site out there, use common sense and be careful. Especially on hook-up sites.
  • I shouldn’t have to say this but create a decent profile, upload nice pics, no d**k pictures, and don’t open with dirty talk. Guys, this is a swinging site for gentlemen and ladies.
  • They have a mobile login option but I’ve found their site easier to browse on desktops, which I would recommend.
  • I’d avoid fake password generators, account and login sellers, and other scams, and stay on the official domain.
  • Adult FriendFinder is the best swing site and cream of the crop in my humble opinion. In my experience, it’s other sites have a lot more fake profiles, which is pretty frustrating.

That being said, the site is not for everyone and doesn’t work for everyone.. nevertheless, it’s working for others.

PS. You have to be 18 years or older to register.

Happy hooking up.

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